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Volant-HV Filters

Volant-HV Filters $80.95Cold air intakes provide better MPGs and more power, which is why they’re one of the most popular mods. But high-tech systems require a high-tech air filter. Volant’s next-gen PowerCore technology blocks 50 times more particulates than standard filters and is designed to last 150,000 miles without maintenance. Drop one in and breathe easier. […] More »

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Duluth Trading Co. Clothing

Duluth Trading Co. Clothing $19.50 to $74.50Duluth makes some of the toughest clothing around–but it’s all geared for comfort. The patented Crotch Gusset in the Fire Hose Work Pants let dudes crouch without pinching their junk; the Free Swinging Flannel is designed for warmth and easy movement; and the Longtail T prevents plumbers crack. Your guy–and […] More »

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Brown Line Metalworks’ Digital Torque Wrench

Brown Line Metalworks’ Digital Torque Wrench $99.99  This digital torque wrench accurately and efficiently gets your bolts to tighten correctly to ensure that your vehicle is running its best–with no catastrophes from shake, rattle, and roll. Also, it’s hugely useful for any other projects around the house that may need less precision, but still deserve it.

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Indy Auto Car Lift

Indy Auto Car Lift $1475 Get your car up to wrenching height with one of Indy Auto’s two-post lifts. The precision constructed lifts use either foot pedal or air compression to raise them, providing a safe way to assist in changing tires or prepping your ride for winter or spring. Various accessories are also available.

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Go Pro Hero 3 White Edition

Go Pro Hero 3 White Edition $199.99 This lightweight adventure digital video camera replaces the original Hero HD. It’s smaller, lighter and boasts built-in WiFi and a better user interface–all while still being a wearable, mountable way to capture action on the go. It takes 1080p 30 fps video and 5MP photos with excellent resolution […] More »

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