Callaway Unveils New 2014 Supercharged Corvette

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Behold and feast your eyes on the 2014 Callaway Corvette.

Set to make its official debut tomorrow at the National Corvette Museum, the modified Stingray features Callaway’s third-generation supercharger system with 620 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque packed into that LT1 V8.


Callaway credits a lot of the performance improvements to features like a new triple-element intercooler system, which is said to provide lower inlet charge air temperatures than possible with single and dual element configurations.

She’s quite a specimen to look at as well in all white with that supercharger extending through the hood, which gives it a slightly more menacing look.
The conversion package costs $22,995 and comes with a low-restriction exhaust system, embroidered floor mats, redesigned door sill panels, special Callaway badging and a three-year/36,000-mile warranty.

It ain’t cheap, but with the kind of performance that comes with the package, I’m betting they’ll be going fairly quick.

Source [autoevolution]