Corvettes, Vipers, and Lambos, oh my!

Marcus Slater
One empty airfield and a whooole lot of horsepower. That’s what went down at the first Round of King of the Streets. Corvettes, Mustangs, Vipers, and even Lamborghinis showed up to race from a roll on the empty airfield. It’s kind of a long video, but it’s full of drool worth cars. I’ve included the highlights for your viewing pleasure.
0:46 – C6 vs Supra
4:00 – Corvette vs Ford GT
4:35 – Supercharged C5 vs C6
5:34 – C6 vs Supra (great race!)
The racing is excellent. The cars are fast. What are you waiting for?

UPDATE! Round 2 is up! Watch the racing here.