Five Tips for Taking it to the Track

cftrack0.JPGby Eric Yee
Corvette Forum

Corvettes, especially the C4 and later gens, are among the best handling cars ever made. And the best way to experience their limits in a safe manner is on a track or autocross course. But for a novice things can be a bit intimidating.

My first high-performance driving event started during a downpour, and the only thing I remember about that session was being passed by everything except for the pit wall. But with the help of a great instructor, I was able to find the line and get a lot more comfortable in the car.

The best part about hitting the track is that you don’t have to be Johnny O’Connell to have a blast. Plus, learning car control in a potentially overwhelming situation will make you better able to handle emergencies on the street. Read on for my suggestions about how to embark on a great first high-performance driving experience.