HRE Wheels Renders Mid-Engine C8 Corvette

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HRE Wheels Imagines a Nice-Looking Car, but Does it Even Look Like a Corvette?

You know a car is highly anticipated when outside renderings of the vehicle start taking on a life of their own.

Then again, the transformation of a car as iconic as the Corvette into a mid-engine model is pretty groundbreaking. So, we suspect that there will be a lot more imaginative C8 takes surfacing before the next-gen Corvette finally makes its official debut.

In fact, we just put together a new mid-engine Corvette rendering of our own. And yet, it’s clear that there are others who think they can add their own insight on the potential look of the C8.

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This latest one was created by HRE Wheels, with help from Fast Eddy and Aria Group (as highlighted in a GM Authority report). Sure, it doesn’t look anything like a Corvette. But then again, neither do some of the other renderings we’ve featured here. And it could very well be a new direction that Chevrolet chooses to go with in designing the C8.

After all, the goal of a mid-engine C8 is to create an entirely new market for the Corvette, right?

That said, it seems like the team at HRE Wheels meshed a few styling cues from the Ford GT and the Rimac Concept One when developing their rendering. It makes you wonder if some of these renderings are aimed at showcasing what some hope a mid-engine Corvette will look like, as opposed to being a well-thought out concept.

Either way, we’re sure there are many more to come.

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