Michelin Presents Wallpaper Wednesday: Villainous Euro C6 Z06

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European C6 Corvette Z06 Home

What is it about European Corvettes? They’re so menacing. An American version of this Z06 would remind me of a tire-smoldering weekend at the track, or a bit of hooning between the stoplights. When I look at this “Wallpaper Wednesday” car, I see a Corvette that looks like it just chased an innocent Ford Fiesta through a British shopping mall. Like baked ziti oozes “delicious”, this Z06 oozes “bully”, and that only makes me want to gaze at it more.

Click on the image above to download the logo-free version for your desktop wallpaper — not only will it beautify your computer screen, but also it will keep you from thinking about that strike looming in Bowling Green.

 Presented by Michelin

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image [Willem Rodenburg]

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