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History of the Corvette Stingray

The Sting Ray (later spelled as one word “Stingray”) has an intriguing connection with Chevrolet Corvettes. The name was used primarily on C2 vehicles produced from 1963 through 1968. And although the Corvette is no longer called the Sting Ray and has not been so called since 1969, nonetheless the moniker will probably be remembered […] More »

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Aftermarket Tremec T-56 Installation

This article covers the installation of an Aftermarket Tremec T-56 Six-Speed Transmission into my 1975 (Type C-3) Corvette. I bought the transmission from Forte\’s Parts. It differs from the transmission GM uses in its F-body sport cars. This transmission is made to use the original clutch, bell housing and speedometer plug/cable, out of older sports […] More »

  Comments | By - April 21, 2010

C3 Door Spring Replacement

1) Open the door & remove the old spring remains, if any. 2) Clean & lubricate both door rollers so they turn freely. 3) Clean & lubricate the spring holes & slots(both upper & lower) with silicone grease. 4) Open the door approximately � of full open(this is IMPORTANT) and while working from the bottom […] More »

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C3 Rear Spring Removal and Installation

Here is a summary of the removal and installation of a rear spring that we did on a 1980 Corvette. On this job we were removing the stock steel leaf spring and replacing it with a TRW style mono leaf composite/fiberglass rear spring. The new spring and all of the hardware needed to attach it […] More »

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Cheap Bubble Lights Install on Late Model C3 – Save Money!

The purpose of the bubble lights is to make your brake lights more visible plus they cosmetically look modern. They are more visible by design and you are to wire all four rear lights to come on when braking. You will lose your reverse lights unless you can come up with a solution. You need […] More »

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