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C4 Throttle Body Coolant By-Pass

This is just another view of this procedure that was published 6/15/01. Horse power can be increased by cooling the air that passes through the throttle body, My ’93 routes hot coolant through the throttle body to prevent the valve from freezing. The hot coolant also heats the air in the summer months. So, if […] More »

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Free Fuel Pressure Increase Modification

This modification was performed on an 87 Vette with approx. 100K on the odometer, a gutted MAF, a K & N air filter, Jacobs 8.5mm plugs wires and Delco sparks that are 2 heat ranges hotter than stock. I tried this modification and my fuel pressure went from 30# to 40# with only this fifteen […] More »

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How To Replace a CS-130 Alternator with a CS-144

This subject comes up often in the Tech section so I decided to share my experience as a tech tip. The CS-130 alternator used in many L98 C4 Vettes is famous for its abily to selfdestruct unexpectedly. Many have dreamed about better alt. There is one: CS-144 used in ZR-1\’s (124Amp) and in the very […] More »

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Manually Control the Cooling Fans

Manual control of your cooling fans I have a 92 LT-1 convertible with the 6-speed transmission. I, also, have a Meziere HD electric water pump installed. This Tech Tip will explain how I installed switches that allow me to turn on the primary and secondary cooling fans. When the switches are turned off, the ECM […] More »

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Replacing the Breadbox on a C4 Corvette

This page describes the replacement of the passenger side “breadbox” on a 1987 Corvette Coupe. The breadbox is being replaced with a kit from Mid-America Designs. There are several other kits that I have seen. One has a map pocket in the front. Another has what looks like the breadbox but has a small glovebox […] More »

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