One of the most effective ways to cool your intake charge is to bypass the 180+ degree coolant flowing through your LT1 throttle body. The current purpose for the coolant flowing through the throttle body is to prevent it from freezing under extremely cold temperatures. This is great to keep if you park your LT1 […]

In front of the water pump pulley on 1988 and later L98s resides a rather large 10lb steel disk, lovingly refered to as the “frisbee”. There has been much debate on the Forum about it’s purpose and the benefits/risks of removing it. During a Q & A session at Corvettes at Carlisle 2001, I posed […]

Someone posted this a while back in C4 tech. Corvette VATS Key Codes and Associated resistance Codes in OHMS Pellet Resistance Code Ohms 1 – 402 2 – 523 3 – 681 4 – 887 5 – 1130 6 – 1470 7 – 1870 8 – 2370 9 – 3010 10 – 3740 11 – […]

The later alternators 1993? and up do not use the retaining plate with the 3 screw but instead the bearing is held in by staking the aluminium. On these alternators a puller has to be used with extreme care so as not to crack the front housing.