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Disable Light Sensor for Automatic Headlights

The credit for this tip really belongs to FrankD. I was getting annoyed with my headlights constantly flipping on and off on my c4 every time i drove through the shade. My car was originally a Canadian car, and had no way to shut this feature off. To disable the lights, carefully pull the light […] More »

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How To Control Both Fans Using Aux Fan Switch on the C4

Problem For C4 Corvettes with dual fans, the Aux Fan Sw only controls the auxiliary fan. The ECM controls only the main fan. When a low temperature Aux Fan Sw is installed to compliment a low temperature thermostat only the auxiliary fan comes On at a lower temperature; the main fan still comes On at […] More »

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Installing a Fire Extinguisher in a C4

Ecklers Part # 38171 $25.99 Hardware not included For reference, this part will be called the extinguisher This part will be called the mount Required Tools Drill. A hand drill will work, you are only going through fiberglass. 1/4 inch drill bit 2 wrenches of whichever size bolts/nuts you use This is possibly the most […] More »

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Possible Cause of Hard Start and No Fuel Pressure

During a Q & A session at Corvettes at Carlisle 2001 Gordon Killebrew mentioned one cause of fuel pump problems. Under the plate that secures the fuel pump assembly to the top of the gas tank is a small black connector. With time the pins and socket of this connector can become oxidized to such […] More »

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In June of 03 I attended a C4 workshop at Bloomington Gold taught by Ron Kane and Gordon Killebrew. When asked the question: \”Which tires are best for all around use on the C4?\” They both stated that their customers and clients seemed to be very happy with Firestone Firehawks. They have great traction, good […] More »

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