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Additional to Alternator

The later alternators 1993? and up do not use the retaining plate with the 3 screw but instead the bearing is held in by staking the aluminium. On these alternators a puller has to be used with extreme care so as not to crack the front housing.

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C4 Ramps Under $45

by John Richman How do you get under a C4 to change oil & filter? Conventional ramps are too steep and perilously slip. I made a set in the Fall in a few nights for under $45. Start with 10 clean 2x6x8 pine boards. Mark 27\” in from each end and draw a line from […] More »

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Five Cheap Mods That Add Up to 70 HP to a C4

1) First, relocate the the intake air temperature sensor to the air clearer duct. The heat load where it is located on a stock C4 gives the ECM (Electronic Control Module) a false reading and the ECM responds by cutting back on the fuel/air mixture to a leaner value than is actually required. Mid-America sells […] More »

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How to Repair and Rebuild your Alternator

How to Repair & Rebuild your Alternator by Lars Grimsrud SVE Automotive Restoration Musclecar, Collector & Exotic Auto Repair & Restoration Broomfield, CO This tech paper will discuss the disassembly, diagnostics, and repair of GM Delco alternators used after 1971, and specifically discuss the alternators used from 1971 to 1988. Alternators used after 1988 are […] More »

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LT1 to LT4 Instrument Cluster R&R

I thought I\’d share a \”How-To\” regarding an LT1 to LT4 instrument cluster R&R Here\’s what we\’re doing… From this To this Tools you\’ll need: – Torque wrench (in/lb) – Torx bit set – Phillips head screw driver – 7, 10, 15mm sockets w/ratchet – 6\” ratchet extension Before doing the job, it would be […] More »

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