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Throttle Body Cleaning 101

Throttle Body maintenance 101: READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS ENTIRELY BEFORE STARTING THIS PROJECT! (YOU WILL NEED A DIGITAL MULTIMETER IF YOU TAKE THE TPS OFF! DON’T ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE TPS IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE, IT IS MANDATORY!) You should also buy the gasket kit from GM that includes the 4 gaskets and costs about […] More »

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1 to 4 Shift Lock-Out Relay

For those of you experiencing difficulty with the 1 to 4 shift lock-out, or for those of you who wish to experience shifting through all your six gears, here is a simple fix: on the passenger side, just in front of the fire wall, and mounted on the fender well, is a relay, that when […] More »

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C4 Exhaust Manifold Stud Removal and 3 Stud Bracket Fix

My 1985 Z-51 probably hadn\’t had the exhaust system out in 10 years. Needless to say, the exhaust header studs were rusted a bit and weakened by the years of heat. All the nuts came off except for one which snapped. The studs that were still there were bent – they seemed to be made […] More »

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Disable Light Sensor for Automatic Headlights

The credit for this tip really belongs to FrankD. I was getting annoyed with my headlights constantly flipping on and off on my c4 every time i drove through the shade. My car was originally a Canadian car, and had no way to shut this feature off. To disable the lights, carefully pull the light […] More »

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How To Control Both Fans Using Aux Fan Switch on the C4

Problem For C4 Corvettes with dual fans, the Aux Fan Sw only controls the auxiliary fan. The ECM controls only the main fan. When a low temperature Aux Fan Sw is installed to compliment a low temperature thermostat only the auxiliary fan comes On at a lower temperature; the main fan still comes On at […] More »

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