If the Corvette owner in your life wants big power via an engine swap but doesn’t want to deal with building the C5R block we just looked at, this LS376/480 crate motor brings big power with a warranty. Smith Parts Center put together this 6.2L LS3 engine with their special high performance “hot cam,” and […]

The highest performance Corvettes built are used for the factory-backed race program, like the current C6R and previous generation C5R.  And while the ZR1 packs huge power, the C5R and C6R are built to endure the rigors of endurance racing, and that begins with the engine block. This Gen III LS engine block is from […]

The C5 Corvette came standard with four exhaust tips, and if you’re a 1997-2004 Corvette owner looking to dress up the ass of the car a bit this spring, look no further. These stainless steel tips are great for someone modding on a budget, or would make a great gift. They’re similar to stock units, […]