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Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve for LT1 and LT4

This is from the 1994 GM Factory Serive Manual, Book 2: IDLE AIR CONTROL (IAC) VALVE Remove or Disconnect 1. Electrical connector from IAC valve. 2. IAC valve assembly attaching screws. 3. IAC valve assembly. NOTICE: On IAC valves that have been in service: Do not push or pull on the IAC valve pintle. The […] More »

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ProFlow Install

The Pro Flow+ came with everything needed in one big box. The ABS shroud is OEM quality with a textured finish and smooth rounded edges. The instructions are excellent and even include a template for cutting your radiator shroud. The kit also includes a K&N filter, recharge kit and all the clamps and screws needed. […] More »

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Remove AIR Injector Tubes Without Removing Manifolds

I have some advice on pulling out the tubes that are inside the manifold without having to remove the manifolds. You will need a fairly strong, yet thin wire (coat hanger is [i]almost[/i] too thick). Bend a very tight \’U\’ in the end of the wire, with the distance from the bottom of the U […] More »

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