If you are building an engine for yourself, and don\’t want to spend $20-$30 for a pre-oiling tool that you will only use once, I have discovered a cheap method of pre-oiling your engine. All you need is a Dremel tool, hacksaw, or bolt cutter, a 3/8\” drive electric drill, a long (at least 18\”), […]

Starting in 2001, the C5 dipstick and tube were redesigned. Although the official oil capacity of the engine is still 6.5 qts, most owners report that it takes about 7 qts to get up to the \”Full\” hole on the new dipstick. Personally, mine takes 6.9 qts. Also, the new combination makes it very difficult […]

Everyone generally agrees that magnetic drainplugs are a good idea, but they are difficult to find for our Corvette engines, and simply not available for our manual transmissions. I found that you can easily create your own magnetic drain plugs with just a few dollars in parts. First go to radioshack and get some small […]

Mobil-1 Syntheric oil is made is 4 weights: 0W-30 0W-40 (not commonly available in the U.S.) 5W-30 10W-30 15W-50 Here is some information to help you decide which one to use. Warranty: The Owner\’s Manual tells what oil Chevrolet wants you to use, and ignoring their specs COULD result in engine damage. Worse, it COULD […]