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Accusump in Corvettes: How and Where to Install


With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why some Corvette Forum members are curious as to how an Accusump system install would take shape.

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Cheap and Easy Pre-Oil Tool

If you are building an engine for yourself, and don\’t want to spend $20-$30 for a pre-oiling tool that you will only use once, I have discovered a cheap method of pre-oiling your engine. All you need is a Dremel tool, hacksaw, or bolt cutter, a 3/8\” drive electric drill, a long (at least 18\”), […] More »

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How to Check Oil Level

Starting in 2001, the C5 dipstick and tube were redesigned. Although the official oil capacity of the engine is still 6.5 qts, most owners report that it takes about 7 qts to get up to the \”Full\” hole on the new dipstick. Personally, mine takes 6.9 qts. Also, the new combination makes it very difficult […] More »

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How to Make Your Own Magnetic Drainplugs

Everyone generally agrees that magnetic drainplugs are a good idea, but they are difficult to find for our Corvette engines, and simply not available for our manual transmissions. I found that you can easily create your own magnetic drain plugs with just a few dollars in parts. First go to radioshack and get some small […] More »

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What Weight of Mobil 1 Should I Use?

Mobil-1 Syntheric oil is made is 4 weights: 0W-30 0W-40 (not commonly available in the U.S.) 5W-30 10W-30 15W-50 Here is some information to help you decide which one to use. Warranty: The Owner\’s Manual tells what oil Chevrolet wants you to use, and ignoring their specs COULD result in engine damage. Worse, it COULD […] More »

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