While it might appear so, this isn’t a picture of a car bomb detonating. This a 300C which has been turned into a truck by someone with an unlimited supply of plastic, orange, and Sawzall blades. Ma Mopar is crying. Is This List Accurate? Or Am I Crazy? Sound Off in the Forum!

Mercedes’ SLR McLaren is an amazing machine. What’s equally amazing are the hideous wheels inflicted on this example. They look like crappy Christmas decorations. This is no winter wonderland. This is a blizzard of shame. More Worst of SEMA >>>>

OK, quick rule of thumb: your hot rod’s air cleaner should not look like Puffy’s watch. But maybe I’ve got this wrong. Maybe this is a tribute to some poor folks who died in a freak BeDazzler accident. Even then, it still sucks. RIP. More Worst of SEMA >>>>

I like engine bay bling as much as the next guy. But if this Pantera were a real big cat, it’d be wearing a sequin jumpsuit and sport sparkly toenail polish. As for the mirrors, this is a sports car, not a trashy ’70s honeymoon suite. More Worst of SEMA >>>>