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Adding bluetooth to factory C5 Bose radio for less than $50 quick how to

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Default Adding bluetooth to factory C5 Bose radio for less than $50 quick how to

had a couple people ask me how I did this so I made a thread...

First - please excuse the picture quality - i used my phone and sent them in the lowest resolution to my e-mail and they look kinda terrible -

So I started out wanting to add an AUX to my factory bose headunit. I followed one of the many threads and opened up the radio but had no success. Neither the 1-3 nor the 4-5 wires worked for me (see this link)

I decided that because I had the factory 12 disk changer and never used it that it would be cool to be able to push the "AUX" button the dash and have it actually use an AUX port. So I set out cutting the blue 4 wire connector under the pass footwell (this pic borrowed from corvette forums )

[IMG]Click the image to open in full size.[/IMG]

(incidentally the bottom/blue side of that connector goes to the radio counter to what you would think).

and using the 1/8 aux audio adapter in the first link from radio shack I added an Aux port.

Then I got to thinking. What if I could add a bluetooth system that used the Aux port as an in to the radio. I found the Kinivo BTC450 and the Belkin Air cast. The Kinivo had better reviews and for 45 bucks on Amazon free shipping I figured I'd give it a shot and wow does it work great. I can stream audio from my phone or take a call over the speakerphone. The button has track forward and back buttons as well as a "pause" button and little pinhole built in microphone for the phone calls.

I decided I wanted a permanent clean install in the Vette so I decided to install everything under where my Ash tray goes. I can't speak for the Belkin product but the Kinivo DC adapter was short enough to allow the cig door to close and it has a USB port on the back if you want to charge your phone. I hooked my Aux into one of the side supports inside the cig door also (see pics below). I then realized that because of the constant hot status of the cig lighter plug my bluetooth would stay connected in the garage and I couldn't use my phone. So I wired up a relay to the Cig adapter using the pass footwell "AUX" power wires that go no where - orange yellow and black (the yellow is Acc on only). I capped the orange and used the black and Yellow to power my Relay which I routed the Cig lighter hot wire through - boom I got acc power at the cig lighter and consequently my Bluetooth comes on with my car and all I have to do is hit the button on the Center console once to connect when I start up the car.
[IMG]Click the image to open in full size.[/IMG]

Couple issues i've noticed are that if your listening to the radio your phone and radio don't know your bluetooth isn't playing through the speakers and you'll have to remember to go back to AUX to take a call. I'm thinking about trying to figure out which wire is the signal wire for the CD Changer and using that as my relay to run the cig power plug (that way your bluetooth cuts off when you switch to radio and back on when you hit the "AUX".

Anyway just thought a few people would enjoy that! Everything together took about 2 hours and was pretty simple. heres some pics.

[IMG]Click the image to open in full size.[/IMG]

(that's my AUX port on the right side of the ashtray area - I wanted it moutned so I could hook in an aux cord at some point if I wanted to )

[IMG]Click the image to open in full size.[/IMG]

I set my button right in the middle, I'ts perfect for highway crusin' quick track forward-back- or pause on the phone. It just has an adhesive pad to stick on.

[IMG]Click the image to open in full size.[/IMG]

All in all I think it blends very well.

- Relay I used - 3.50 at advance auto parts with coupon code.

[IMG]Click the image to open in full size.[/IMG]

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saw wheat.
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I am surprised this didn't get more responses. Looks like a very nice solution and something I want to do too.

Is it still working well for you? Anyone else try it? Any more tips?
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I also added bluetooth capability a year ago and am very happy with it.
Its less than $100.

I started with an iSimple Aux Input unit (I do not have the CD remote, and did not want to dig into the radio head unit) to add stereo input capability to the Bose headunit. It comes with a wire harness which simply plugs into the back of the radio and provides a small box with a stereo input cable. You can plug the cable directly into your phone to see how you like Pandora played through the Bose system.

I liked I added bluetooth capability.

I decided to use bluetooth only for music. I ordered a HomeSpot NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver and a very small ( one x 1/2 inch) potted 12 V to 5V converter from the auction site (under $8 direct from China). It had 12 V wires on one side and a six inch USB female connector pigtail on the other end. I wired the 12V side to the accessory power connector. The USB 5V side powers the Homespot.
The ISimple box, 5V converter, and Homespot were all placed under the radio compartment and are not visible. The Homespot automatically connects to the phone when I use the phone bluetooth setting.

I liked it so much I hooked another Homespot to my home stereo system.

To hold my cellphone, I use a Satechi Universal Smartphone CD Slot Mount for 3.5" - 5.5" Smartphones. It mounts into the CD slot (do not use CDs anymore now that I have Pandora). It places the cellphone in an optimum position and is very sturdy. It is really nice when using Pandora or GPS / Waze on the phone.

I now have the two features of importance to me in my C5: Bluetooth Pandora and GPS / Waze.

One last item is that I replaced the smaller speakers in the doors.
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