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Power Steering Pulley Question

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Default Power Steering Pulley Question

So after my rebuild, I installed my PS pulleys and noticed that the pulley on the pump is a little crooked compared to the main crank pulley. I also noticed that I can't put the PS bracket that connects to the engine mount bolt back on otherwise the alternator belt will rub against the PS pump. Without this bracket, I noticed I get a vibration at higher RPM from the PS belt. I got a pulley puller and pulled the PS pump pulley out slightly to compensate for the crookedness , but am at a loss for using the extra bracket without having it rub on the alternator belt. It worked just fine before the rebuild and nothing has really changed that would effect this. The other thought is I am using a longer alternator belt since my valve covers are a little taller and the alternator is all the way at the end of the bracket. Any ideas?

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The power steering mount is pretty straightforward.

There is a part that attaches to the motor mount that sometimes gets installed wrong. This could cause your misalignment and vibration.

If the arm to the motor mount isn't connected, it will tend to wobble.

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Your longer alternator belt is the problem. Because the alternator is laying out further...the alternator belt will rider and hit on the P/S pump. If you are using taller valve covers and need a longer belt so you can service the belt without either removing the alternator or the valve cover....which I have run into....GOOD LUCK!!! You have to figure it out.

As for the bracket that bolts to the front of the block and the front motor mount bolt. You need to get that in.

I have to 'tweak' them sometimes to get the pulley to line up.

ALSO...the two bottom P/S pump pivot/mounting bolts need to be tight AFTER you get the tension on the belt correct. If you leave them loose....the pump can pivot.

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