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Today marks 35 yrs of selling Corvettes~Thank You all~

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Default Today marks 35 yrs of selling Corvettes~Thank You all~

---35 yrs today...6 Presidents ago I sold my very first Corvette to Cassius de la Victoria on July 26th 1978 (17 days before my 18th Birthday). A mere 420 months or 12,775 days ago I started doing what I still love to do, of course new Corvette's cost only $10,000 so that has gone up a bit... A guy named Bill Gates said "in the future every home will have a computer" (we all laughed at that one). Fax machines weren't even invented as we know them yet! I guess the best part of still being around is that I get to keep going. I have seen/heard the good the bad and the this point I could be talking about my fellow ex workers and Managers(haha), or one of the 35 yrs of Corvette's....but I have never seen an ugly Corvette. I have loved them all including the 13 Corvettes and 44 Musclecars that I have owned.

I look back at selling Corvette's fondly with many memories only wishing that the camera phones of today were around back then! Much of my Corvette memorabilia collection and pictures got wiped out in Hurricane Sandy last October so I am rebuilding one brochure at a time. From what I can remember...the memories and experiences are better anyway. You see, even though I am delivering the Corvettes to my customers...I thoroughly enjoy the whole process and as I have always said, being a Corvette enthusiast myself allows me to develop friendships with customers that go beyond Corvette. Does it get any better then that? I don't think so. It's exciting to fulfill Corvette dreams and at last count I should reach 3,000 delivered by the end of the year. I have been an Ambassador for the Corvette Museum for several yrs and friendly with the Corvette Plant employee's/Managers, I like visiting with them at different events and in need I will text/call/email them as they know they can do likewise. I also was there in the beginning when Callaway Cars first started creating more Horsepower for Corvettes(1987) and I watched the Callaway "Sledgehammer" get delivered after setting a World Record. Even Zora Arkus Duntov and Larry Shinoda among other luminaries would come to our dealership for our annual Corvette show.(Malcolm Konner Auto Group)

Way before Criswell Chevrolet became a vendor on Corvette Forum/Corvetteblogger I would supply answers/info etc via my private CF name and decades before that I took countless daily phone calls back when it truly effected my personal phone bill. It felt good to help out where and when I was able and now as a Forum vendor the opportunities have tripled in so many other ways.

So today is my 35th Anniversary of selling America's #1 Sports Car...Looking forward>>> the 7th Generation Corvette is World Class in every imaginable way. In August I will be under the Callaway tent (right next to the GM Tent) for two days (Friday and Saturday) at Corvettes at Carlisle...and then I get to test drive the Stingray for a few days at Spring Mountain in September (with Chevrolet) and October (with Callaway). Tough job but someone has to do it!

Just wanted to Thank the Corvette Nation all at once by posting today, 35 short yrs of selling Corvette's as a Corvette enthusiast
Pretty darn cool!

Fall '92-That's my son Tyler and I in my 1961 Corvette. Tyler is 21 now!

Sept 11th 2004-My daughter Samantha and I in my new 2005 Precision Red Corvette. She is in College now.

Taking the 61 down the highway.

Dave Hill and I with the all new 2006 Z06 behind us.

1986 outside Malcolm Konner Chevrolet helping out the Konner Family for a sock hop.

Mike Furman
Criswell Chevrolet~
301 212 4420 desk direct~
Gaithersburg, MD
"I ship Nationwide and have done so for a long time!

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Awesome!! Congratulations Mike!!!
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Geaux Tigers !!
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Don't you just love doing what your doing for a living !! I've met people who've bought from you and everyone of them has always had high praises for you. I've told myself if I ever bought a new Vette which I haven't had the experience of doing YET I would seriously consider you.
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ben dover
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Congrats Mike,

Your truly an asset to the Corvette's to the next 35!
Talk to you soon.
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Rich Mickol
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Congratulations Mike. To a guy who's stories I never get tired of reading. Wishing you great success with the 7th Generation.
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^^ Me, too. I like the stories and the pics. Congratulations to you. It's been an incredible run for you and Corvettes. I still recall a ride in the C1 and then a C1 with Rochester fuel injection---that sound.
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Congrats Mike.... Hopefully you won't be selling them for another 35 years, and you enjoy some retirement before then
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Chuck Little
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My heartfelt congratulations to you. I know it's a job to some, but to a few it a fun place to go every morning.

I spent 5 decades selling cars, some of them tough but still enjoyable. I admit to selling many more Mustangs than Corvettes, but finally saw the light.

I am a relative newcomer to the CF and envy you in the output and caring that you show to all. Most of my years were as a manager and I can tell you that I wish I could of had a dozen like you. You get it.

I hope you continue to enjoy your life associating with the best people in the world.

Me..........I spend my time packing my clubs in the back of my Vette and heading for the first tee.

And you thought you had it good. :-)
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Congratulations Mike! You are da man! You have contributed so much to this forum thru your many posts, pictures and comments. While I live many miles from you now, I am still a Terp at heart and my next vette purchase will come from you!
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Callaway Chris
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Congrats!!! Do you still have that 1961???
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Congratulations! And all the best on your upcoming birthday.


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Congratulations Mike - Nice Achievement !!!

I can often feel the energy you bring to your job right through the computer
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manic mike
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Way to go!

When I am ready to buy my C7 I will definitely give you a call. By the way, I love the stories and the pics! Thanks for sharing!
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Red Tabby
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Congratulations Ambassador Furman!!!!

It's nice to read about someone who loves their job, especially one who gets to sell The Greatest American Sports Car!
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Congrats Mike, well done!!
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  • Today marks 35 yrs of selling Corvettes~Thank You all~

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