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  1. FS: Pagid Brake pads for Stoptech
  2. Hoosier tire sizes for Stock C5 Z06 Rims
  3. Broken Engine update
  4. Racing Seats With Harness-Ready Brackets
  5. GoPro HD Hero - Motorsports - Which software works best?
  6. FS: OEM c5 z06 wheels powdercoated glossy black
  7. SKF Bearing special
  8. 03 Red Z06 track car for sale
  9. GM lets you build?
  10. good deal on Synthetic oil-Synpower
  11. C6 frame dimensions
  12. Corvette Challenge - Laguna Seca
  13. "Road" Racing
  14. Anyone use pedal extenders for heel/toe shifting?
  15. Newbie to HPDE and Autocrossing - Help Please
  16. NASA ST1 Participation Numbers?
  17. C5 front swaybar mounting bolt
  18. [PICS] Inside look in the paddock with GT1 team Luc Alphand
  19. New Hardbar/AP T1 brake kit!
  20. Kit car for Indy
  21. Best competiton tire beside Kumho Ecsta V710 and Hoosier a6
  22. C6 Z06 Overheating on track with Vararam intake?
  23. Kuhmo V700?
  24. Spring Mountain at ALMS Miller
  25. Guys with Pfadt setup - what stiffness on the shocks and sways?
  26. FS: New Nitto NT05 in C5Z06 sizes
  27. WTB: camlock 5 point harnesses, expired is fine!
  28. viper cup
  29. Torque Tube Rebuild - Press Needed
  30. Yaw sensor
  31. Pfadt Spherical Control arm bearings
  32. I need a vented hood
  33. NCM event @ VIR Video
  34. Watkins Glen Rolex Corvette in car Video LG Motorsports
  35. Toyota vindicated in sticking throttle
  36. How often do you change the brake fluid?
  37. Calling HPDE/RoadRacing Vets..advice please
  38. What does it take to beat a GT-R on the track.
  39. Cooling of all aspects
  40. KUMHO V710 question
  41. Any C4 track cars need to drop their oil temps?
  42. C5 creaking suspension, what to do?
  43. Open Track Day at Grattan, Sat & Sun August 7-8
  44. EcoMotors gets $23.5M push from Bill Gates
  45. Road Atlanta NASA weekend
  46. Still Making Rockets
  47. MSR 1.7 Driver's Edge - July 17th-18th
  48. KNS Brakes - Street and Race Pads/Rotors/Fluid In stock
  49. Brake pulsing?
  50. Data Logging with OBDII & Laptop - ?
  51. Source for T1 sway bar bushings?
  52. Waxer or Racer
  53. Product Review: Rotors: Centric Premium vs OEM
  54. FS: 3.42 Diff with 12k!
  55. Grand-Am Corrals
  56. FS: MM12 tranny with 12k!
  57. Pagids?
  58. HPDE & Autox Weekend
  59. ALMS race Salt lake city (possible spoilers)
  60. R3 for sale
  61. Updated Video of Katech # 20
  62. Updated Video-2010 Le Mans As We Saw It
  63. passengers during timed competition
  64. First track day Video at Homestead Miami Speedway
  65. 7100 redline w/ stock LS6?
  66. Corvettes qualify seventh and eighth for alms utah grand prix
  67. New to autocrossing...questions
  68. Anyone HPDE/roadracers around the Houston Area?
  69. WTB: Road Racing TIRES 18"
  70. Quickie Events at Road Atlanta and Charlotte Motor Speedway
  71. Any Nashville Area Autocrossers with C6?
  72. Two Piece Rotors, are they for you -- LG Tech Tip
  73. Racing-Underground site invite?
  74. Car's new stance with coilovers
  75. Dewitt's A97M Aluminum Radiator-NEW C5; external oil cooler
  76. Katech / Motus-The KMV4 GDI Engine
  77. the attitude corvette racing needs!
  78. NEW Big Brake Kits ALL sizes available Priced at COST
  79. C5 engine oil cooler
  80. Bridgestone RE-11 Question
  81. Anybody wall at Watkins Glen w an 03Z Recently
  82. Anyone try the "new" Goodyear Eagles for Sports Cars?
  83. **Performance Friction Brake Specials at LG Motorsports
  84. Katech belt tensioner
  85. Monticello not available next year?
  86. F/s cobalt xr2 frnt pads for stoptech st-60 appl.
  87. Nannies
  88. Lifting Help Needed PLEASE
  89. Daytona 250 Rolex In Car LG Motorsports Corvette
  90. Coleman vs. DBA
  91. Z51 Oil Cooler
  92. torque spec for exhaust manifold on Z06?
  93. Roebling Road - Friday July 16th
  94. brakes feel soft after tracking car.
  95. going to mid ohio for the first time...
  96. Corvette Museum now offering HPDE Insurance!
  97. America's Best Road Courses
  98. Last season for monticello motorclub?
  99. NJMP Lightning July 16th Instructors Needed
  100. Motul
  101. Comp Mode with lack of TPMS (C6)
  102. C6: First time track days next Friday. Anything I should know?
  103. Rollmaster or c5r timing chain?
  104. C6Z Track Wheels
  105. Driver died at Nelson Ledges
  106. seeking clutch recommendations for C5
  107. C5 or Thunder Roadster?
  108. Carravagio seat f/s
  109. FS: Nomex Racing Suit - SFI 5 - Red Size 58
  110. NCCC Corvettes only Detroit AutoX
  111. NCM VIR TRACK VIDEO From a newbie
  112. Pyrotect Carbon Helmet Specials at MSI
  113. TCS/AH problems w/ 18" 305/335 RA1's.
  114. Rookie at miller in sept. What ratio?
  115. Wynveen and Tziortzis Win at Peru SCCA Tour Event in C5Zs
  116. Video, albeit brief -- Wallyman424 can drive!!!
  117. Trans-Am onboard video from Road America
  118. Cage Mounting , how many points
  119. newbie with racing questions
  120. Z06 Springs / Ride Height ?
  121. hitch and slp exhaust. Fit?
  122. Z06 Engine removal?
  123. '07 Z51 Brake Upgrde Conundrum...
  124. Question Regarding Oil Adaptor on DRM Oil Cooler Kit
  125. Wanted - 17" track tires A6,R6,V710,R888, etc..
  126. Tow Hook for C5 - Screw in Eye Hook Style - Where?
  127. Fs/oem c6zo6 split spoke comp grey & hoosier
  128. Video Editor
  129. Rear Shock Bushing Options?
  130. C4 vs C5/C6 front suspension: Any geometry improvements?
  131. ALMS Corvette Coral 11 July, MMP, RAAMaudio booth
  132. Competitive driving vs turn off everything
  133. Iracing
  134. FS NT05 Track Tires
  135. IRL @ the Glen
  136. Comparison article Vettes and SOWillow
  137. Improving Brake Cooling ducts
  138. WC body trade, would consider an 3/4 ton SUV as well:)
  139. C6 Z06 modified brake upgrade for HPDE
  140. SCCA WATKINS GLEN Double National
  141. C5 wagon wheel durability?
  142. Complete, new, C6 WC body, willing to trade for a good 3/4 pickup:)
  143. Road Course tire selection help!
  144. Coats wheel balancer accessory - new stuff
  145. ***LG Motorsports Carbon ZR1 side skirts***
  146. North America NEEDS a racing TV channel
  147. overheating issues, still scratching my head
  148. Spring Mountain…The Official High Performance Driving School of Chevrolet
  149. Do you need to drill into frame for hitch install?
  150. Oil temps at Road America
  151. MAM w/Find the Line July 10th and 11th - Who's going?
  152. VIR Video -- NCM June 2010 -- Chasing Autobahnracer (Don) and Steve Landstra
  153. c6 w/ls3 vs c6 z06
  154. Discounts for our Military Personnel from MTI Racing
  155. alignment shop suggestions - Pittsburgh
  156. Torque Tube \ Drive Shaft Coupler Question
  157. July 11th Autocross in Maryland
  158. What is really "needed" for a C4 track suspension?
  159. Brake hose
  160. well i want to show video from RA
  161. T1 dbl national line up @ nelson ledges this weekend
  162. mounts for Kirky intermediate seats
  163. FS: IO Port camera mount
  164. In Car Camera, whats a good one?
  165. F/S ASA Delco GTA type with 2010 Camaro Body
  166. ASP autocross, need spring info (concrete)
  167. A couple vids from Shannonville Motorsports Park, Ontario
  168. Course Outline Vinyl Decals
  169. Talk about beating a dead horse!
  170. July Track day Setups. Towhooks, and other stuff
  171. May sell 07.5 GMC diesel/allison dually
  172. Spec clutch / Slave issues / Tick master cyl.
  173. **GRANDAM/LG Motorsports Corvette Corral New Jersey July 16-18**
  174. WTB: C6 Z06 Camber Kit
  175. pads for Wilwood superlites, other than Wilwood?
  176. LG Motorsports Summer Cam Specials!
  177. Rotors
  178. Total Oil Capacity w/ Z06 Oil Cooler on 2007 Z51
  179. Trailer Question
  180. RTR PCA looking for sign-ups: Summit Main
  181. Thermostat question
  182. Quartermaster Clutch Install
  183. Help: Quantum Spindle Ducts
  184. NECC Open Track & Time Trials at Monticello
  185. Hill climb photos of the ZR1 from LGM
  186. GT1 FIA Races
  187. Spring Mountain Class Openings for July 5-7, 2010
  188. The Ford Mustang is making its NASCAR along with Challenger
  189. Transport needed Denver to West Palm Beach Fl
  190. Summit Point Videos? RTR PCA HPDE Next week
  191. Thanks to Ron @ Vengeance - pulled the trigger and ordered the Pfadt Threat Level I
  192. Coilovers for "nose heavy" C6Z?
  193. Ford debuts new curve control technology
  194. Any one up for Chump Car in Spokane in July? Looking for a couple of drivers.
  195. Rotor question
  196. Tow vehicles
  197. NCM offering HPDE/TT insurance
  198. installing Rcomp tires
  199. My 15 year old daughter driving the vette in her first autocross
  200. 315 30 18 a6 square setup
  201. Open Track Day at Waterford Hills, Sat July 10
  202. Urgent: paging jluterva your windows are down!
  203. power steering fluid boil over
  204. 95 mph. Porsche autocross event. 6/27/10
  205. Anybody ever try a ASA Cam
  206. alignment question, toe in degrees?
  207. Jack Pine Sprints @ BIR
  208. Running C5 Z06 10.5" wheels all around
  209. WTB CCW Race Classics for Mini-Tub C5
  210. Road raced camed C6Z's
  211. F1 Spain
  212. July 4, Time Trials at Waterford , MI track
  213. FS 1990 Tommy Morrison #99 World Challenge Car
  214. Nitto NT-01 prices
  215. Video From ZR1 run in Spectre 341 Challenge hill climb
  216. C4 Front Brakes Alternative
  217. Hot Weather Lap Times - SIGNIFICANTLY Lower?
  218. How to become a professional Road Racer?
  219. F/S 1999 C5 race car
  220. Transport a Vette to Upstate New York
  221. Toyo R888 pressures on a C6
  222. Places to have fun with my vette
  223. Who is competing in a C4 (84-96) in Autocross, W2W, TT, and Open Road ?
  224. Nitto NT01 tire pressures?
  225. Opinions on Kirkey Seats (Intermediate vs. Full Containment)
  226. Race Car for Sale
  227. Talladega Gran Prix Raceway
  228. Toyo R888s
  229. Show me your CCW C10's on your C5's
  230. C5 Z06 vs C6 Grand Sport vs C6 Z07 PROTOTYPE
  231. Looking for advice from those who know
  232. VIR good to bed new pads??
  233. AP Racing Track Kit | C5 Z06 | Install/Pictures
  234. 2007 C6 T1 Corvette for Sale
  235. Any good videos of you guys at Gingerman, esp with the new extension?
  236. C5 Rearends differentials
  237. Z51 Sway Bar Question
  238. A piece of Katech history is up on eBay for a fraction of the original cost
  239. Carbotech Performance Brakes
  240. how much will ATE Blue and cooling ducts help?
  241. Pikes Peak Hillclimb
  242. F/S - Camshaft Bearing Remover and Inserter
  243. Self-Hardening Weave Material
  244. How An American Racing Rookie Made History At 200 Mph
  245. F/S - Safety Belts
  246. 6'3" ?
  247. z06 oil cooler and lines for C6? ..wrong part
  248. June 30 - Monticello - limited to 25 drivers
  249. Trailer Security Questions
  250. Improved technology leads Ferrari, Lamborghini to ditch manual transmission in cars