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  1. Late C4 coilover spring rates. Whatcha running?
  2. Need help
  3. LS6/2002 Z06 parts for sale
  4. Racing seats and harness- which one ?
  5. Racing suit- which one?
  6. Largest Rear wheel size for a C-2 ???
  7. Street/Track Pad Dust Question
  8. Houston Auto-x Playday
  9. Bump steer
  10. WTB Racing Belts
  11. Question, overflow tanks needed with tranny and diff coolers?
  12. Trailer wiring on C5/Z06
  13. Original Carbon Fiber dashboard for race car.
  14. C5Z or C6 coupe for daily driver/track car?
  15. BlueGrass Motorsports Track is coming ALIVE !!
  16. Carbotech XP8: Do I need DRM brake coolers w/these?
  17. A Day with PCA
  18. Anyone here tried the GoPro Motorsports HERO Camera?
  19. First Autocross Course/Class Tomorrow!
  20. Where to buy the GM C5/6-R rear spoiler??
  21. racing liscense
  22. New brake pad review….
  23. Road racing heads/cam setup?
  24. Hawk 70"s or PFC 01's on sale this month????
  25. FS: HardBar and Camera Mount
  26. C6 pad cheaper than OE Z51
  27. First Pictures of the ALMS GT2 LG Motorsports Build
  28. I just set my personal best laptime this morning
  29. Hoosier A6 Experienced Tires FS
  30. What class would my C4 be most suitable for?
  31. help needed with tire cording problem.
  32. Specials Up!
  33. open wheel merge
  34. C4 oil coolers?
  35. Need help on setup for car that is tracked 5-7x a year
  36. To all my students.....
  37. Not good news for GM, GM racing or Corvettes.
  38. Corvette T1 Track Cars
  39. Converting Stock Seats
  40. Breathless Performance C5 race car is up for Sale!!
  41. Active Handling
  42. From edge to edge a lap around Grattan
  43. race seats NYC metro area
  44. What are the basic rules of thumb for rear toe?
  45. FS>Hot Laps Timer
  46. High Rock Raceway on fast track to completion - Salisbury Post front page article
  47. Guest Days at Lime Rock
  48. Sebring entries
  49. Suggest a Camera Upgrade for HDPEs
  50. E-Track Trailer Tie Down Questions:
  51. RR Clutch high HP
  52. FS Bunch of Early C5 Wheels for Autox
  53. i came across this vid of a viper at vir "histarical"
  54. ADVANCED DYNO Proudly Announces Facility Expansion! GIANT Thanks To Our Loyal Clients
  55. T1, HPDE, stock caliper size race pads
  56. 315/35/17 Hoosier R6 and Goodyear rain tires
  57. 4 New Hoosier Tires for sale !
  58. Falken Azenis Tires
  59. Newbie trying to learn .... need constructive critism please
  60. Sebring 2-24-08
  61. Weird C5 Rear Camber Issue
  62. $$$ Harness Bars $$$
  63. Shock dyno thread/link?
  64. We are back!! It's been too long!
  65. Need a fire extinguisher mount.
  66. What do you guys think of this trailer??
  67. Hot pressures for A048s
  68. I stole my better half's video camera
  69. SCCA National Tour Opens in GA...Results
  70. HardBar Harness Bar and Substrap Bar for sale...
  71. 4 Z06 Spoeedline rear wheels for sale...
  72. BMW #1 Saturday, March 1st Mineral Wells, TX
  73. How to Mount In-Car Camera??
  74. Video Camera Battery life
  75. C6 ZO6 Sway bars for C5?
  76. Need Some Suspension Advice...
  77. VIR Review: Full Course w/ NASA
  78. iRacing--It's Not Real Racing, But
  79. Question on race seat (evo or others).
  80. Does a front splitter really do anything and
  81. Where can I buy a front splitter and hood?
  82. 2006 Bigtex Open Car Hauler
  83. Nasa VIR weekend
  84. NASCAR sponsorship drying up.
  85. Waxy substance inside oil filler cap
  86. Seperating Ball Joints to Remove A-Arms
  87. Tell me about your steering wheel quick-release
  88. HPDE - Grattan Raceway Friday May 2nd
  89. Hardbar harnessbar for Targa
  90. Hoosier Rocks
  91. Birthday suggestions
  92. Birthday suggestion
  93. exploring lightweight wheel options for SS autocross
  94. Trying to contact CF member Yakisoba
  95. Anyone want an 04 Z06 Front Leaf Spring?
  96. C4 Race Car for Sale....
  97. Wet and Wild at Roebling
  98. Double post, please delete, sorry!
  99. Ouch$$$ ordered a bunch of fun stuff today!
  100. Toyo T1R experience? shave or not?
  101. iCARD for Live T&S
  102. Need help in Georgia from fellow racers!!
  103. If you put 18" wheels on a C6 ....David where are you?
  104. Crew help needed 29 Feb 08 - Savannah!!!
  105. C5 Brake upgrade questions
  106. R888's 295 x 19 front of C5
  107. Ball Park Figure to convert a C5 into race car.
  108. F/S Z06 Goodyear Eagle Slicks 2 sets
  109. Nitto NT-01
  110. Is this true about Seat-Time?
  111. C5 Alignment & ride height settings, and corner weighting… (Auto-x)
  112. Need Help/Advice MM6 5th gear ratio change?
  113. Penske shocks for sale!
  114. Who's getting wet with me tomorrow at Roebling w/ Seat-Time?
  115. C5 Z06 Shock options. Bilstein Vs Koni
  116. Chud in 911 Turbo...
  117. FS: Aeroquip collection
  118. Make sure to watch "Setup Season 2" tonight
  119. Got the new wheel in the car finally...
  120. Quick questions....
  121. F/s Lg Coilovers
  122. Snitz track car: post #4(suspension/misc)
  123. FS: One new V710 315/35/18
  124. R compound tire questions
  125. Corvette Racing Confrims 2008 Driver Lineup
  126. 2008 Le Mans Entries & Reserves Selected
  127. winch height
  128. Weight distribution hitch - chain or bar type?
  129. Can C5 rear wheel studs be replaced with ARP 's using the plate drill method?
  130. Steering wheel Reach/Distance question...
  131. C5/Base C6 Brakes on C6Z06 - Will They Fit?
  132. Racing shifter question???
  133. Racing pedal general question....
  134. CCNEPA Memorial Day at Pocono Event 2008
  135. Drawbacks w/ Sparco seat?
  136. WTB C6 2006 bar, harness, lap bar brackets in the buy section
  137. Need instructors: Wilderness PCA VIR March 18
  138. Autocross in Louisville?
  139. RacePak IQ3 Shipping Now!
  140. Fire proof thong?
  141. removal of pad deposits on rotors
  142. CCWS - IRL Merger Finally Done (?)
  143. HoosierYurDaddy R6 Tire Pressures....
  144. Autocross and DE Liability
  145. Some progress pics of the re-waxerization of my Z06
  146. NJ Motorsports Email
  147. 84 suspension kit
  148. Difference in A6 and R6 tires
  149. [Columbus, OH] FS: Yokohama Racing Slicks - Scrubs
  150. Cats or X-Pipe.. Alot of HPDE use.
  151. hoosier r6 ?
  152. Koni Shock and Sway Bar Question
  153. HEY LOU & LG Motorsports...
  154. Tire Pressures For Kumho V710 ??
  155. Spring Mountain Motorsports 3 day school
  156. Some pics from this weekends AUQAX...
  157. First experience with DOT approved competition tires.
  158. Nasa Great Lakes - Mid Ohio April 11-13
  159. Helmets, helmets and more.. helmets
  160. First outing.
  161. **Last Video ever from our LGM World Challenge Corvette, From Road Atlanta
  162. How Is Your C6ZO6 Holding Up ??????
  163. Dow Automotive Impact absorbing foam for door bars
  164. Is the c6 HUD g-meter accurate?
  165. LS Race Motor Bearing Clearance suggestions??
  166. Roll bar and seat recommendations for 01 Z06
  167. T-1, T-2 & Track Day Cars For sale 2-18-07
  168. FS: NEW Kuhmo 17" DOT Race Tires
  169. DRM four point bar
  170. Corvette tires for sale
  171. Tire Preasure HPDE
  172. Talk to me about Hoosier R6's
  173. C-6 z06 HPDE brakes
  174. C6 vs C6Z Front Upper Shock Mount? Bushings?
  175. Tire wear - Chassis setup or driver?
  176. Best value wheel/R comp set-up for track days?
  177. proper brake bleed sequence?
  178. High Rock Raceway Photo Update
  179. ER#1 Event Sunday, February 24th Mineral Wells
  180. Back half of T1 roll cage out of car, available?
  181. track car update(acp roof/nitro jacks)
  182. Lime Rock Repaving
  183. Help with Coil Overs
  184. Which Hub Adapter is best for an '04 C5?
  185. any racers use pro blend additives?
  186. Stock tune safer for brutal track days?
  187. Go fast parts for sale
  188. Guldstrand C2 C3 bump sterer kit
  189. Trailer question
  190. Weight Question
  191. Sebring Info
  192. track suggestions
  193. The T1 Car Arrived (Mike McGinley's Old Car)
  194. what would you recoment slicks or radials
  195. VIR Track Daze March 3 and 4 Roll Call
  196. All you track whores are pansies....
  197. FS: Sparco Evo L Race Seat
  198. 1963 Sebring 12hr. vid clip
  199. 100 Corvettes hit @ Spring Mountain....and
  200. Pfadt Sport Shocks
  201. Piloti Shoes at MSI-Free Shipping
  202. Racing spam?
  203. Selling my lap timer
  204. FS-07 Z06 HPDE setup or Stock
  205. Roll Call for VIR (NASA) 2/23 & 2/24...
  206. Scroth Harness
  207. steering quickeners any one use them
  208. max oil and water temps on road course?
  209. Need Brake Upgrade Help
  210. Who Makes the Best Brake Bias Spring?
  211. STILL cracking rotors?
  212. Tire trailer wiring, round 2
  213. C5 suspension pickup points
  214. BAH! one less for nasa at vir next weekend
  215. Oil Pan Temps?
  216. HPDE: Changing C6 Z51 brakes for C5's - Any need to swap REARS, Too?
  217. VIR with THSCC
  218. Less then 30 days...
  219. Battery Cutoff Questions
  220. A friend of mine bought Lance Knupp's T-1..
  221. Track Day Alignments And Setups Available
  222. Sparco Evo Adjustable Seat Rails
  223. Magnetic Ride Control ???
  224. An Introduction & Questions about Motive Brake Bleeder - Which One for c6?
  225. New pads how to bed in at track??
  226. Does Danny Popp have a twin brother?
  227. Good racing seat?
  228. (St. Judes) Get Your WOEII DVD Movie! Not Even In Theaters Yet!!
  229. winch mount alignment question
  230. e-track on floor of open deck trailer?
  231. Track Tires & Wheels Toyo R888's F/S
  232. Ford GT = price history ?
  233. Putnam Park DE May 30th
  234. Grissom AFB Test and Tune Corvette Troy
  235. Corvette Track Days Pahrump NV April 5-6, 2008
  236. C4 Race Car For Sale....
  237. Which makes more sense?
  238. ALMS GT2: Gigliotti Confirms Season, Lineup For 2008
  239. Hans Rollcall
  240. Heel/ important....
  241. New steering weel came in... thanks Wally
  242. you guys use ram throwout bearing slaves?
  243. NASA-SE: 2008 Pot-O-Gold Rush, Road Atlanta, Mar 14-16
  244. sponsoring hpde drivers???
  245. 2nd Gear is fun again….
  246. Anyone interested in sharing Villa for July NCM HPDE?
  247. Brakin
  248. Factory Five Tour
  249. WTB: Slightly used(ie non tracked) C5/C6 front calipers
  250. T1 kit part numbers