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Cylinder Head Help

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Default Cylinder Head Help

Hey guys, I have some worn valve guides on my 215cc TFS heads. I was thinking of taking them in to get new guides pressed in. I was wondering what else should be done to the heads at the same time. Should I replace all the valves or just those that are no longer straight, and would this require new valve seats? I was thinking of ordering the parts from TFS myself. So far my list lists new guides, valves, and seats. I will be using the same springs since they are only a year old and the pressures check out. Am I missing something or are all those parts necessary? I dont need porting or milling and Im trying to keep costs down. Thanks.
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How many miles are on the heads? Just wondering if you've really got worn valve guides or worn out valve stem seals. It's not easy to wear out a valve guide except with a lot of miles or misaligned valve geometry especially with high lift cams or non-stock, high lift rockers.

I don't understand why the valves could be bent. Did you accidentally over-rev the engine at some point in it's life? Otherwise, they should be fine. With any high performance aluminum head, make sure that the block mating surfaces are straight. Mill if necessary.

While the heads are off, check all the valves for straightness as well as valve stem wear, and replace any valves that don't pass muster. Check the rocker arm studs for any unusual wear due to valve train misalignment. Then go ahead and check the valve guides for run-out with a good valve. If you need new guides, go ahead and have them installed. Refresh/do a three-angle high performance valve job on all the valves and their seats to maximize your airflow across the seats. Install new valve stem seals, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps!
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