While replacing the battery in a \’92 I noticed that the large harness that runs behind the battery tray had the wire loom worn off by rubbing against the rear of the battery tray – this tray has a lip that is rather sharp. Before any wires were frayed, I decided to repair the wrap […]

Mobil-1 Syntheric oil is made is 4 weights: 0W-30 0W-40 (not commonly available in the U.S.) 5W-30 10W-30 15W-50 Here is some information to help you decide which one to use. Warranty: The Owner\’s Manual tells what oil Chevrolet wants you to use, and ignoring their specs COULD result in engine damage. Worse, it COULD […]

A forum member emailed me for tips on installing these screens. I copied and pasted my reply here for all to see. Hope this helps. First of all, you need to remove the black plastic housing from each of the headlights…turn on the headlights, then switch them off so that just your parking lights are […]

Someone posted this a while back in C4 tech. Corvette VATS Key Codes and Associated resistance Codes in OHMS Pellet Resistance Code Ohms 1 – 402 2 – 523 3 – 681 4 – 887 5 – 1130 6 – 1470 7 – 1870 8 – 2370 9 – 3010 10 – 3740 11 – […]

Valentine One Install By Cy Stanton (Dittohead) The following procedure is for �hard wiring� the Valentine One (V1) Radar Detector in the C5 (all models), thus eliminating the ugly cord hanging down from your V1 to the cig lighter. We will start by wiring the �direct wire power adaptor� that came with your V1, to […]