Distributor Vacuum Advance Control units Specs and facts for GM Distributors by Lars Grimsrud SVE Automotive Restoration Musclecar, Collector & Exotic Auto Repair & Restoration Broomfield, CO Rev. B 8-19-02 I�ve been seeing a lot of discussion and questions regarding distributor vacuum advance control units; what do they do, which ones are best, what was […]

I just finished changing from the stock Differential Fluid to Red Line. I searched unsuccessfully for tips on how to do this without making a mess and came up empty. So now that I have figured out an easy, clean way to do it, I thought I\’d share it with everyone else. 1) After driving […]

This was taken off of the forum I think it is important…. thank the person on the signature not me.. I just cut and pasted it here.. I felt it necessary to fill you all in on how to decarbon your engines. Here is the reason. For most all situations, knock on a stock c5 […]