by Teddy FieldCorvette Forum America’s Sports car was conceived at a time when jet planes and space travel held our collective imagination. So it seems natural that a car like the 1953 Corvette would sport lines seemingly inspired by the pages of Buck Rogers’ Space Accessory Catalog. Nearly 60 years later, America is still in […]

There are few things as satisfying as mashing the throttle and hearing your engine roar, but since this is a family forum, we can’t really talk about most of the other ones. And while a factory exhaust note is fine for some drivers, there are plenty of folks who aren’t going to be satisfied until […]

Even the most die-hard Corvette fans acknowledge that the interior of America’s sports car leaves something to be desired. But after the guys at Caravaggio work their magic, there’s absolutely nothing to complain about. Check out all the delicate stitch work! This should be a factory option, as it looks like it’s worthy every penny… […]