Mercedes’ SLR McLaren is an amazing machine. What’s equally amazing are the hideous wheels inflicted on this example. They look like crappy Christmas decorations. This is no winter wonderland. This is a blizzard of shame. More Worst of SEMA >>>>

OK, quick rule of thumb: your hot rod’s air cleaner should not look like Puffy’s watch. But maybe I’ve got this wrong. Maybe this is a tribute to some poor folks who died in a freak BeDazzler accident. Even then, it still sucks. RIP. More Worst of SEMA >>>>

I like engine bay bling as much as the next guy. But if this Pantera were a real big cat, it’d be wearing a sequin jumpsuit and sport sparkly toenail polish. As for the mirrors, this is a sports car, not a trashy ’70s honeymoon suite. More Worst of SEMA >>>>

If you can’t tell from the photo, this hood is fabric, and in case you’re blind, it’s tiger print. Also, the border is a snake skin pattern which shifts from a reptilian green to flesh tone. Come on guys, that’s just creepy. More Worst of SEMA >>>>

There weren’t a ton of Corvettes at the show?all the builders are presumably waiting for the C7?but that doesn’t mean America’s Sports Car was absent. Now, I realize plenty of purists might turn up their noses at seeing a classic like this so radically modified, but SEMA isn’t about stock. And hey, if you did […]