Ingredients / tools needed: – 1.69 Quarts of M1 Synthetic Gear Oil (GM equivalent 12378261) SEA 75W-90 (Z06 3.42′s, other gears may vary slightly) – 4 oz. of limited slip additive (EQUA TORQUE) or GM part #1052358 – A big ‘ole Hex Key, like 1/4″ I think it was .. – Some rags and a […]

I have a 1992 LT1 that had a very random start problem. Fuel Pressure was Ok, Spark to plugs was fine, no error codes were set in ECM. Once the car started it ran fine. Finally took a #47 (12Volt) bulb and put it across the fuel injector wires. Found that when the car was […]

Forum members ought to know that there is an alternative to converting an R-12 A/C system to R-134a. R-406A is a federally approved direct replacement for R-12. The procedures for use are the same as with any refrigerant. You typically would not add refrigerant to any system but would rather reclaim what is in the […]

Incorrect vacuum connections is probably the biggest performance problem I’ve seen in this forum. Here’s a pic of my vacuum connections during a rebuild before I connected up the smog pump, EGR, and EFE: If you want confirmation then Chiltons repair manual has several diagrams for each year and configuration:

The Pro Flow+ came with everything needed in one big box. The ABS shroud is OEM quality with a textured finish and smooth rounded edges. The instructions are excellent and even include a template for cutting your radiator shroud. The kit also includes a K&N filter, recharge kit and all the clamps and screws needed. […]