I just finished changing from the stock Differential Fluid to Red Line. I searched unsuccessfully for tips on how to do this without making a mess and came up empty. So now that I have figured out an easy, clean way to do it, I thought I\’d share it with everyone else. 1) After driving […]

This was taken off of the forum I think it is important…. thank the person on the signature not me.. I just cut and pasted it here.. I felt it necessary to fill you all in on how to decarbon your engines. Here is the reason. For most all situations, knock on a stock c5 […]

Please note that this process was written by C5-TECH. Since there was not a tech tip for the C5 yet and the overwhelming response to a thread I posted regarding this issue…I thought you all could benefit from the pictures of my decarb. 1. Disconnect the pcv line by the throttle body and insert a […]

I recently installed a Dana 44 with 3.07 as a result of upgrading the motor to a 406. I know many people here do not trust the reliability of teh d36\’s and often upgrade. As a result, many questions on what is needed and how hard it is to covert over are asked. I hope […]

Forward: As some of you know I have promised VetteMan89 that I would put together a Corvette Painting 101 post.Well it�s time to put up or shut up so here goes. I will be publishing several articles, as it stands right now I am planning on doing the following steps: How to strip your current […]