The later alternators 1993? and up do not use the retaining plate with the 3 screw but instead the bearing is held in by staking the aluminium. On these alternators a puller has to be used with extreme care so as not to crack the front housing.

Thanks goes out to DV-8 (aka Johnny) from Houston. He was kind enough to help out and take some good pics. Tools Needed: 10mm wrench and/or socket and ratchet small flathead screwdriver. Installation summary: Remove the fuel rail covers (if you have them). I hadn’t driven it for about 24hrs, so I placed a rag […]

There has been a question recently on this topic-so I thought I\’d actually post this link along with some other info. It\’s not an add! Just updated info on whats needed or not needed to make it work. Sorry for just giving a link-but I don\’t think I could type all that info in […]