Chevy Introduces Technology to Track Valet with Your Corvette

cq5dam.web.1280.1280 (feature)

Chevy has put a pretty nifty piece of technology in place for the 2015 Corvette lineup to make sure those responsible for handling your baby at your favorite steak spot don’t get any clever ideas.

  Comments | By - August 19, 2014

NCM Motorsports Park Readies for Grand Opening

NCM Slider

The National Corvette Museum is putting the final touches on the $17-million Motorsports Park, which is scheduled to hold its grand opening on August 28.

  Comments | By - August 18, 2014

Who in their Right Mind Uses a Red Corvette to Sell Drugs?

chevrolet_corvette_ feature

I’m starting to think some of the people who commit crimes actually want to get caught.

  Comments | By - August 18, 2014

OPTIMA Presents Corvette of the Week: A Grand (Sport) Send-Off

2012 Inferno Orange Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport 4LT Featured

This week’s “Corvette of the Week” carries a bittersweet story. For the majority of you who love all kinds of cars, this article will be more sweet than bitter. For those of you who live and breathe Corvette, and nothing else, this is going to hurt like a root canal.

  Comments | By - August 15, 2014

C8 Lineup Could Really Include a Mid-Engine Corvette

2016 Chevrolet Corvette C8 ZR1-by-Tom-Matsumoto Featured

I’m betting just about everyone on the planet will be buzzing about this over the weekend.

  Comments | By - August 15, 2014

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