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To avoid a gas
tax, Chevrolet came up with an innovative (and
annoying) gizmo called
CAGS. CAGS forces you to shift your
manual transmission Corvette from
first to fourth under light
acceleration. It never causes a problem when
you're pegging
it but is a pain when you forget to mash the throttle to

Fortunately, there
is a simple fix.
Many people sell the CAGS eliminator kits. They're simply
little harness that plugs in to where the CAGS solenoid wiring harness

would usually go. The harness eliminates error codes being
written to
the computers log.

face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">To install, just
jack up the rear of the car and support it on jack
stands. Crawl underneath
and locate the CAGS wiring harness on
the left side of the transmission.
Unplug the harness and
install the CAGS eliminator on the end. You should
also have a
plug to protect the connections of the CAGS solenoid on the

transmission. Once everything is secure, wire tie the connector in place

and lower the car.

face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">The CAGS light on

the dash will still illuminate but the transmission with now
do your bidding
in all situations. It's easy and well worth
the minimal price and effort.


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