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1 to 4 shift lock-out relay
1984-96 Antenna Bypass Switch
2 Minute Door Handle Renew
A-arm Bushing Press-replacement poly
AC R134 retrofit
Additional Headlight Bushing replacement info. 1988
Additional to alternator.
Air Cleaner Housing Maintenance
Bloomington Gold
Brake noise eliminator
C-4 Door handle Renew/ Reconditioning
C-4 Tech Tip: Fuse Box Panel Knob
C4 4+3 Overdrive Bypass
C4 Bose Amp Fix
C4 door panel attachment repair
C4 drive-on ramps
C4 Exhaust manifold stud removal and 3 stud bracket fix
C4 Exhaust Resonance Tips
C4 Front Spring Removal.
C4 Ramps for under $45
C4 Rear Axle Recommended Maintenance
C4 throttle body coolant by-pass
C4 Wiper Arms
Car Will Not Start When Hot!
Changing the fule filter on a late model C4
Cheap Blower and Turbo Silicon Hoses & Elbows
cheap one man brake bleeder
Complete vented Optispark replacement guide
Convert the A/C Condenser to a transmission oil cooler
Coolant flushing tool
Dana 36 =>Dana 44
Disable Light Sensor for Automatic Headlights
Do-It-Yourself Wheel Alignment
Early Convertible Top Installation and Glass Retrofit
Early LT1 P/S Upgrades For Reliability At Higher RPM
Electronic Climate Control Intermittent
Electronic Climate Control Intermittent
Emergency Hood Release
Five cheap mods to give your C4 up to 70 added HP
Fixing Your C4 Sport Seat Lumbar Support
Free Fuel Pressure Increase Modification
General Notes for Rebuilding a '92-'96 Tilt Steering Core
Getting in when you're locked out...
Hard starting fuel problem diagnosis
Headlight motor repair / Bushing replacement
Heated O2 Sensor for Long Tube Headers
How to adjust doors and side window glass
How to Adjust your Early C4 TPS and Idle Speed
How to Bleed a Master Cylinder
How to change a fuel filter in late model C4s.
How to control both fans with the Aux Fan Switch on a C4.
How to Do an Open Air Lid Mod
How to Remove and Clean your Radiator
How to remove the power antenna motor from 1992-96 Vettes
How to Repair & Rebuild your Alternator
How to Repair & Refinish Interior Plastic Pieces
How to replace CS-130 alternator with CS-144
How to Replace Your Front Brakes
How to Replace your Waterpump & Timing Chain
How to straighten a warped airbox
How to Upgrade Your Driving Lights
HVAC Diagnostic code translation 90-96
Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve for LT1/4
Inf Rest Light on 1990 Corvettes
Installing a Custom Eprom
Installing a Fire Extinguisher in your C4
Keyless Entry Remote Maintenance
Lowering your C4
LT-1 Coolant Change Procedure
LT1 Throttle Body Coolant Bypass
LT1 to LT4 Instrument cluster R&R
Lumbar Pump Repair (sport seats)
Manual control of your cooling fans
Meziere Coolant Pump Install
Mirror Rattle Fix
MSD installation in C4
No cost air Pump Removal
No More Squeaky Tops
Optispark Repair
Outer Door Window Weatherstrip Replacment
Plenum Studs
Popping / Buzzing Bose System (even when the radio is off & key is out) ... and how to fix it.
Possible cause of hard starting and no fuel pressure.
Power Steering Pump Replacement Cheat........
R-406A, a replacement for R-12
Random starting LT1
Refinishing Black Plastic Panels in a C4
Remove the late L98 "Frisbee"
Replace your outer window seals
Replacing C4 Seat Covers
Replacing the Breadbox on a C4 Corvette
Ripper Shifter Install
Rubber Bumper Repair Basics
Rubber coating on console - how to fix it.
Steering Rack Replacement
steering wheel replacement on a budget
Think you have a leaking injector, try this test.
Throttle Body Cleaning 101
Transmission problem solving
Universal Joint Removal and Installation
Upgrade your '85-'89 ECS module.
Using 94 Firebird Part For 91-96 Front Hub Bearing
Valve Cover Removal on 1985 Corvette
VAT key codes and values
Worn Wire Loom Behind Battery Tray
ZF Transmission Recommended
'94-'96 Power Antenna Motor Replacement
'96 Auto Transmission Removal


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