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Aftermarket Tremec T-56 Installation
C3 Door Spring Replacement
C3 Rear Spring Removal and Installation
Cheap Bubble lights install on late model C3s - save money!
cheap one man brake bleeder
Corvette Body & Paint Repair Basics
Distributor Vacuum Advance Control units
Drilling out brake rotor rivets
Eliminating Cockpit Heat in a C3
Fixing Door Leaks on C3s
Flex-a-lite M-210 Dual Fan Kit Mounting
Front Suspension Rebuild Lessons Learned
How to Adjust Your Chevy Valve Lash
How to Build a Speaker Enclosure for Your C3
How to build space-saving 6x9 rear speaker boxes for '78-'82
How to Determine Top Dead Center
How to install HID Yipieeeeee
How to install Hydroboster brake system
How to Install Your Chevy Distributor
How to remove AIR injector tubes without removing manifolds.
How to Set Your Timing for Peak Performance
How to Tune a Holley
Q-Jet Carb connections
Retrofitting 73-up rubber body mounts onto 68-72
shock mount /strut rod mount removal tool
Trick on removing rear brake calipers
ZZ4 engine Swap FAQ


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