Procharged Z06 Bolts to 9-Second Run

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Procharged C7 Z06 Could Prove to Be the Ultimate Matchup for Upcoming ZR1

Ah, another glorious accomplishment by a C7 Corvette.

Not that any of the great performance feats credited to the seventh-generation Corvette should really come as a surprise to anyone by now. At this point, most have pretty much come to expect amazing things from the latest, greatest ‘Vette.

Although, watching a 1,000-horsepower Procharged C7 Corvette Z06 clock a 9.69-second quarter-mile drag run is still something to behold.

All that roaring extra boost in power that you can hear in the video above comes courtesy of a supercharger kit. No big surprise there. But what some might find interesting is that the engine internals, the transmission, and the differential specs have all been left completely stock.

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According to Car Buzz the beastly C7 also has the seven-speed manual, rather than the faster eight-speed automatic. That makes this 9-second run even more impressive.

It’s probably also important to note that this Z06 was fitted with drag radials when it made its historic run.

So, all and all, does that make this C7 the King of the Hill? Well, probably not, as the team at Car Buzz points out. There’s a good chance that a Nissan GT-R could lay down a faster time. But the Japanese sports car also is equipped with AWD and a dual-clutch transmission, which really doesn’t make it a fair comparison.

A more fitting matchup for the Procharged Z06 might be the upcoming ZR-1. But it’ll likely be a few months or more before we see that heavyweight title fight.

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