This is the World’s First 1000-Plus-Horsepower Corvette Z06

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LMR Corvette Z06

You need to stop what you are doing and watch this video right now. What we have is the world’s first 1000-plus-horsepower C7 Z06. This car comes from LMR and it features the new Stage II package.

Without the laughing gas, this Z06 can blast 750 horsepower off the flywheel. Run some nitrous through its lungs, and it becomes the first C7 Corvette Z06 to surpass the magic one-triple-zero horsepower mark.

All thousand ponies are being corralled through a stock clutch. I’m sure that clutch is crying any time the party pedal is pushed beyond 77 percent, but it’s all in the name of horsepower, so screw it … plus, that’s what the customer, Atlanta Custom Wraps, wanted.

Don’t feel bad if you watch this video more than once. This is a Corvette that can make a Veyron nervous, so we understand if you watch it six to 12 times.

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