1050-Horsepower C6 Z06 Beaten by Golf Cart

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Golf Cart vs Z06 Drag Race Proves Weight Plays a Huge Factor on the Strip

We’ve certainly heard of some crazy races featuring a Corvette over the years, but this one definitely tops the list.

The mere idea that anyone has the gall to try to race a golf cart against a 1050-horsepower, supercharged C6 Z06 is insane. But the fact that the golf cart actually beat the Corvette is total madness.

Golf Cart

Yep, we had a hard time believing it ourselves, until we stumbled on a Road & Track report detailing the incident. Then again, it makes sense when you consider the underlining weight factor. The souped-up golf cart only puts out 158 horsepower, but it’s so much lighter than the Corvette. And that’s a huge advantage in drag racing.

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But even given that, one would think that a 1000-plus horsepower Z06 would still have an edge, right? Well, as the video posted above clearly shows, not exactly.

Although, it does appear that the Corvette was gaining ground as the two cars — sorry, one car and a golf cart — closed in on the final stretch.

That said, one of the most sobering moments we’ve had around here lately is hearing someone in the video saying, “golf cart for the win!”

That’s gotta hurt even more for the Z06 owner, though.

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