The 11 Best Shots from Chevrolet’s Corvette Instagram Page

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Today is Wednesday. It’s the middle of the work week. You’re probably looking forward to the weekend with tunnel vision. At this point, most people are just pretending to work so Doris doesn’t see them on Facebook stalking an ex. “Dammit Tammy, why did you have to run away with my best friend’s ex-accountant? We were so good for each other!”

I digress. In order to take your mind off of work and put it on the weekend, when you can wash away the memory of Tammy’s face with Single Malt Scotch, here’s a whole heck of a lot of Corvette photos from Chevy’s own Corvette Instagram account.

Some of them are amazingly done, but some are a bit questionable. Just stay strong and keep thinking about the sweet, sweet sounds of a naturally aspirated LT1 or a supercharged LT4. Those will definitely drown out Tammy’s voice in your head.

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via [Corvette on Instagram]

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