7 Hot Corvette Model Pics to Enjoy

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I know, a lot of you guys are going to hate me for this, and yet somehow I think I’ll be able to live with all the criticism.

After all, the pain and agony that some writers go through to pull together a piece of this magnitude can often go unrecognized for years. So, I realize that it might take some of you a while to appreciate the true beauty of this work of art that I’ve worked so hard to compile.

Okay, maybe I am laying it on a little thick. But in all honestly, the idea of reveling in gorgeous women posing with Corvettes is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s actually been a part of Corvette history since the early sixties. In fact, you could argue that women taking photos with ‘Vettes have helped add to the car’s legacy over the years.

No, you might not find that pitch in a sales brochure for the cross-flagged icon. But as highlighted in the photos below, featuring eleven of my favorite pics of female models with Corvettes that I pulled from Google, it’s just hard to argue that gorgeous women don’t make Corvettes even hotter.

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Via [Google Images]

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