1,200 People Already Registered for Next Year’s Corvette Caravan

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According to the 2014 National Corvette Caravan website, at the exact time of this writing, the National Corvette Museum’s 20th Anniversary Celebration begins in 10 months, three weeks, five days, four hours, 29 minutes and 12 seconds. Going general, we can call that a year from now, which is pretty far into the future. Despite that, 1,200 people have already signed on to participate in the 2014 Corvette Caravan. It would appear folks are excited about this event.

I was there 19 years ago in ’94 when the first Corvette caravan was leaving the L.A. area to make its way to the Corvette Museum’s grand opening. I wanted be a part of the caravan so badly, but I was only nine years old, so driving my dad’s 1992 Corvette LT1 convertible would have presented some legal issues.

Much like 1994, the 2014 National Corvette Museum’s 20th Anniversary event will also celebrate a new beginning with the unveiling of the NCM Motorsports Park. Take a look at how it’s progressing in the photo below.

August23 Aerial Photo of NCM Motorsports Park


As many as 10,000 Corvettes are expected to converge upon Bowling Green next Labor Day weekend. Are you among the 1,200 people already registered? Are you planning to go? Let us know in the comments.

Source [Bowling Green Daily News]

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