This 18-Wheeler Vs. Corvette Story Is a Nightmare

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Maybe there really is a case for requiring all cars to have dash cams. We certainly wish that were the case after hearing about this terrible hit-and-run story. Corvette Forum user Cromagnum posted about a scary experience he had involving his C6 Corvette and an 18-wheeler:

“I was cruising along to work this morning in the right lane with very light traffic… An 18 wheeler was cruising faster than I was in the left lane. When he caught up to me he matched my speed for about 5 seconds and then quickly juked into my lane and plowed into me. My car got stuck to him and somehow I was being drug down the highway but perpendicular to the road. Eventually my car let loose and I spun out into the grass. Then he burned off and left me stranded with a torn up car.”

Cromagnum’s car was pretty messed up, as you can see in the photos, but thank the road Gods that he came out of the accident uninjured. This was all posted and said as a PSA of sorts to tell drivers never to match an 18-wheeler’s speed or drive next to him, which is pretty great advice. In general, it’s not a good idea to ride next to or slightly behind bigger vehicles. They always have huge blind spots. And, as was possible in this case, these semi drivers are often on the road for 10-15 hours at a time and aren’t always in top focus.

Then again, the semi probably shouldn’t have been passing a car anyway.

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