1958 Corvette Fuelie Was (Re)Built to Be Driven

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1958 Corvette Fuelie

1958 Corvette Fuelie is one of just over 1,500 examples built by Chevy. But this one isn’t designed to sit in storage.

We’ll be the first to admit that we enjoy a top flight, 100-point, concours-restored Corvette just as much as the next guy. But we’ll also be the first ones to admit that we wouldn’t really want to own one. Because, well, we enjoy driving our cars. And cars like those belong in the possession of people who are more concerned with preserving them than banging through the gears. Leave that museum-quality stuff to the curators, and give us cars like this 1958 Corvette Fuelie we spotted on Craigslist.

Now, any C1 Corvette Fuelie is going to cost you a hefty sum of cash. And the asking price on this ’58 is undoubtedly on the high end at just under $85k, but where else are you going to find one for less? Naturally, the discount stems from the fact that this car isn’t perfect. But it is more than nice enough to turn heads every single place you take it, that’s for sure.

1958 Corvette Fuelie

This ’58 Corvette Fuelie wasn’t intended to be a car show queen, either. It was restored a while back, but with the intentions of making it a nice driver. So there are some non-original goodies here, including headers, a newer radio, upgraded radiator, and aftermarket shifter. But nothing that takes away from the original charm of this C1.

Which is exactly how we like our ‘Vettes. Nice, mostly original, yet not so perfect that we’re afraid to drive the thing. This 1958 Corvette Fuelie is the perfect candidate to drive the wheels off of, fix it up as you go, and maybe even refresh it a few years down the road. And isn’t that what the Corvette was designed to do in the first place?

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