1962 Sinkhole Corvette Set for Triumphant Comeback

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Sinkhole Corvette

The last sinkhole Corvette has undergone an amazing transformation over the last year. Now it returns to the spotlight on February 12!

Nearly four years ago, when a sinkhole claimed eight victims at the National Corvette Museum, the mood was obviously somber. Some of the cars suffered unrepairable damage, making this a potentially disastrous situation. And yet, the Corvette Museum made the best of a bad situation. Heck, if nothing else, they gained a ton of national attention and even made the natural disaster into a tourist attraction. And now, after all this time, the last repairable sinkhole Corvette has been restored.

SInkhole Corvette

The Tuxedo Black 1962 sinkhole Corvette was the third to be removed from the giant hole. Where it had a five-ton slab of concrete sitting on its nose. And yet, amazingly enough, now it’s reportedly as good as new. Thanks to a year of hard work by an in-house team led by coordinator Daniel Decker and curator Derek Moore.

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