1966 Corvette “Barn Find”

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Although it’s been hidden in a barn for the past twelve years, it’s technically not a barn find as the owner (original owner, that is) of this ’66 Sting Ray knew it was there. According to the reddit original poster his grandpa, the owner, “needed to get the frame worked on. He gave it to a friend who said [he’d] would work on it as a post-retirement project, and he just kinda put it off to the side. Started working on it about a year ago, was brought home the other day.”

Imagine parking a classic Vette and waiting twelve years for needed work to be completed! The original poster sadly does not know how to drive a manual transmission but it seems that the hope that he may one day inherit this car will be the impetus for him to learn. We’re fans of education and this ’66 certainly seems like good motivation to us!

Check out the full reddit thread here.

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