1967 Corvette Finds New Home After Sitting for 35 Years

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John Haynal isn’t your average car collector.

His current stable includes a 1934 Ford five-window nostalgic rod, two Vegas, and a 1928 Model A sport coupe. So, for those who know the New Jersey man, this 1967 Corvette is probably no big deal. But for most here, a sixties-era Big-Block Sting Ray that’s been sitting for 35 years is quite the find.

As you can see from some of the earlier photos of Haynal’s find, the Corvette wasn’t even close to pristine condition when it was discovered in a well-hidden garage, as highlighted in a Super Chevy report. The tires were flat, surface rust had built up on the engine, and the right rear wheel was locked up. But apparently, the Corvette’s exterior body and interior were in pretty good condition.

Surprisingly, Haynal has no plans to fully restore the Sting Ray, which he learned of from a friend. Instead, his goal is to get the Corvette up and running for use as a summer car. Should be a heckuva Corvette summer!

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Via [Super Chevy]

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