1968 Molzon Corsa GT38 Could’ve Been a Mid-Engine Baby Corvette

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1968 Molzon Concept Corsa GT38

William Molzon, an understudy of Corvette designer Larry Shinoda, created this masterpiece that could have created a ‘Corvette’ brand.

The year was 1968, and GM’s many brands were providing some seriously world-beating performance. Corvette was more attractive than ever with the launch of the C3 Corvette Stingray. In certain dealerships, you could find a new baby Corvette, called the Opel GT.

1968 Molzon Concept Corsa GT38

That same year, William Molzon, working under GM design chief Larry Shinoda, crafted his dream Chevrolet sports car. It had the acceleration of the king Corvette with all the handling prowess of Britain’s lightweight Lotus. This was a project Molzon had been working on since 1963, developed from the ground up as a space-frame chassis with fiberglass bodywork.

If something like this had gone into production, it could easily have expanded Chevrolet’s Corvette into its own performance brand with the GT as an entry-level offering, this Molzon as a mid-tier magnate for more showroom traffic, and the classic Corvette reigning supreme. Just imagine how the Chevrolet performance brand would have evolved from that point onward. As Corvette fans, we love the front-engine V8 brute that is our favored Chevy, but variety is the spice of life, and oh what a spice the Molzon could have been.

In a 1970 Road & Track article featuring the car, it states, “To say that the now complete car is quick and agile is an understatement – even the usually cool Molzon confesses to being a little unnerved by the alacrity of its acceleration and directional responsiveness beyond expectation.” That’s incredibly high praise.


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This car was created as a proof of concept, but was the only one ever made, and now is your chance to own it. On January 18th, this car will cross the auction block at the Bonhams sale in Scottsdale, Arizona. The diminutive sport coupe is estimated to reach between $100,000 and $125,000. In our eyes, it’s sporty, quick, drop-dead gorgeous, and worth every single penny.

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