1978 25th Anniversary Corvette Stingray Can Be Your Rough and Tumble Daily Driver

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25th anniversary Corvette

1978 25th Anniversary Corvette is a nice reminder that there are some gems out there ready to be shined.

A 25th anniversary Corvette is always one of those cars that, when the stars align with the money, time, and space, will always make for an excellent restoration project. Particularly something that’s in decent shape, as this one we found on Craigslist appears to be, but does have some miles under its belt and is scruffy around the edges.

Of course, every Corvette built in 1978 is a 25th Anniversary model. Ultimately, one of Chevy’s Indy 500 Pace Car replicas in the black and silver paint would be ideal, but a lot rarer and more expensive. Reports vary on how many pace car replicas were ultimately made, but for sure it was over the revised target of 6,000 after demand bumped the originally scheduled run of just 600. There are a few ways to spot an Indy 500 Pace Car replica but the most certain way is to look at the VIN. The replicas always have a unique VIN sequence, and the eighth number will be a 9.

1978 25th Anniversary Corvette

The one we’re looking at here is definitely not an Indy 500 pace car replica. However, it does have the L82 V8 which has 220 horsepower versus the L48’s 185 horsepower. Unless you were in California. Despite this example being sold in California, L82 V8 wasn’t sold there as an option. And if not being able to buy the performance engine option wasn’t bad enough, Corvette customers got royally screwed by California regulations with a 10 hp drop in the base L48’s power as well.

The good news is a lot of people sat on the 25th anniversary Corvette convinced it would be collectible. Fortunately for enthusiasts, because a lot were made, they aren’t as collectible as people expected. That may change later but, for now, they aren’t quite the nest egg many people expected. Which is fine with us as ‘Vettes are designed to be driven and enjoyed, not cynically used as a financial asset.

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