1978 C3 Chevrolet Corvette Silver 25th Anniversary Edition

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The Chevrolet Corvette celebrated its Silver Anniversary in 1978; to celebrate, General Motors and Chevy introduced two special 25th Anniversary Edition C3 Vettes.

The “Silver Anniversary” model Corvette sported a special silver paint
package. This added $399 to the sticker price; 15,283 of these were

Nineteen seventy-eight was also the year of the 62nd running of the
Indianapolis 500 auto race. This year the Corvette, for the first time,
was chosen as the pace car. As a result, to help celebrate its 25th
Anniversary and simultaneously to commemorate being selected as an
Indianapolis 500 pace car, GM introduced the Pace Car Edition of the
Corvette. This vehicle had a unique two-tone black and silver paint
design, plus additional color graphics. Eventually, 6,502 of these Pace
Car-edition cars were delivered to dealers around the United States –
one to each dealer showroom. This version added more than $4000 to the
price of the car.

The L48 engine was standard on both “Silver Anniversary” models with
the L82 engine as an option. The L82 provided the Corvette with 205 hp
and a pace of 60 mph in 7.4 seconds. The “Silver Anniversary” editions
of the Corvette also had re-designed interiors and new fast-back type
rear windows.

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