1979 Corvette Donated to National Corvette Museum to Honor Cancer Victim

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In 2009, Doug Alexander became the proud owner of his first Corvette; a curvy red beauty, 30-years-young. Doug purchased the car from his brother Kenny, who needed to make room for a new Chevrolet SSR. When Kenny suddenly passed away from cancer that same year, Doug and his wife Kay saw the 1979 Corvette as a lasting reminder of Kenny’s legacy.

In the early stage of his illness, Kenny faced many ups and downs, earning him the nickname Wile E. Coyote, a reference to the tenacious cartoon character who got knocked down, but would always bounce back for more. With a license plate of WLE KIOT, this Corvette is a symbol of the Alexander’s love and memory for Kenny.

When Doug and Kay decided to move earlier this year, space was tight and they had to get rid of this keepsake. They did not want to sell it to a stranger who had no connection to Kenny, so Doug came up with a way to honor his brother by donating the car to the National Corvette Museum, where all Corvette aficionados could admire this family treasure. The National Corvette Museum graciously accepted this donation, demonstrating their mission is more than just celebrating this legendary American automobile, but also the human element that all Corvette enthusiasts share.

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