1984 Hugger Orange Corvette is 1-of-2 Masterpiece

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Hugger Orange Corvette

The nicest 1984 Hugger Orange Corvette you’ll ever see just so happens to also be one of the rarest C4s ever built!

Few colors are more legendary than Chevrolet’s Hugger Orange. The much-beloved hue appeared on all manner of iconic Chevy muscle cars and was even named “the coolest classic car color ever” by Hagerty a few years back. Despite this, you don’t exactly see a ton of Hugger Orange Corvettes running around. In fact, the only reason two 1984 models exist in this color is because Chevrolet brass made it happen!

Chevy’s general manager at the time, Robert Stempel, authorized the job so that legendary racer A.J. Foyt and longtime dealer Jim Gilmore could each have their own special, Hugger Orange Corvette. Of those two, the one you’re looking at belonged to Gilmore. And we’re not sure which is more incredible,  the story behind this ride or the fact that it’s up for grabs on eBay.

Hugger Orange Corvette

Sadly, Gilmore passed away in a tragic traffic accident back in 2001. But his Hugger Orange Corvette looks like it’s been well taken care of in the years since. The Z51-equipped car shows only 22,669 miles on the odometer, which is totally believable. Everywhere you look, you’ll see nothing but flawless original parts and panels. And the seller still has everything that came with it. From the window sticker to the factory special paint work order paperwork.

Hugger Orange Corvette

This special Hugger Orange Corvette has spent many years in the famous Bob McDorman collection. Which helps explain its time capsule appearance. But now it’s ready to move on and become a part of someone else’s collection. Considering its rarity, pedigree, and history, we’d say it’ll do a fine job of that. Obviously, this isn’t everyone’s favorite Corvette generation. But you can’t argue that it’s one of the finest examples you’ll ever see!

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