1992 Corvette For Sale: Sweet Deal or Nightmare in Waiting

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1992 Corvette Rear

C4 Corvette convertible looks good in pictures, but sometimes it won’t start and it gets baths with the top down.

While flipping through cars for sale on the Craigslist, we came across this 1992 Chevrolet Corvette convertible. Although it is one of the worst car sales ads we have seen, even by Craigslist’s standards, a few things caught our attention and led to this feature. This C4 looks remarkably clean in the one decent picture, making the $2,600 asking price a pretty good deal, but it doesn’t always start and we have to worry about the condition of the interior with the car having been washed with the top down.

The Basic Details

When “Johnny” listed this 1992 Corvette for sale, he included the following basic information

“Excellent car, runs great but sometimes won’t start,,, Fuel filter? Fuel pump is new, new battery, new alternator. Everything works… at the mechanics now… $2600.00 no lowball, it’s an absolute steal”

The advertisement format also explains that this car has an automatic transmission, “135 miles” that we are guessing is 135,000 miles and a clean title.

1992 Corvette Terrible Sale Picture

Picturesque Problems

Most importantly, the seller included three pictures. One is a terrible picture of a computer screen (above) with the car on the screen and it is so poor quality that the seller shouldn’t have bothered to include it. Really, we have to wonder why the seller used this picture, as it is about as bad as it could be. Plus, if he is selling this Corvette, why did he take a picture of a picture on a screen rather than just including the original?

Next, he included a picture of the car being washed with the top down. Anyone who has used a high pressure hose knows that it is impossible to keep water out of a car with leaky windows, let alone no windows or roof. There are suds all over this car, so you know that when it was rinsed, water went all sorts of places that it shouldn’t. You have to wonder whether one of these foolish open-air baths got an electrical component wet, leading to the sporadic no-start issue.

1992 Corvette Bath Time

Finally, there is one good picture of this white 1992 Corvette, from the back, and from this angle, the car looks great.

Great Deal or Nightmare?

This car is listed at $2,600, which is slightly above the KBB.com average price for a 1992 Corvette with 135,000 miles on “fair” condition. We picked the worst condition possible, but if the starting issue is easily repaired, this car is in better condition than fair. Provided that the interior is in good shape, which is a concern with the topless baths, this car could be a smokin’ deal for someone looking for a simple project.

Then again, if the no-start issue proves to be electrical gremlins, this car could become far more expensive when you start replacing gadgets.

For this price, knowing what little we know, would you jump on a deal like this one?

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Patrick Rall is a regular contributor to LS1Tech and JK Forum, among other auto sites.

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