1993 Corvette is an Awesome Eighties Throwback

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1993 Corvette Driver's Side

C4 Corvette needs some TLC, but it could be a fun, inexpensive project transforming this ride into a daily driver.

You might think that it is impossible to get a nice, running-and-driving Corvette with a tiny budget, and for the most part, you would be correct. However, while checking out rides online we spotted this 1993 C4 that the ad says needs basic repairs to be a reliable daily driver, while a paint job or a wrap allow it to fall into the “nice” category. Then again, you could buy this car, address the minimal mechanical issues and enjoy the drive while ignoring the cosmetic issues for less than $5,000.

The Introduction

When this 1993 Corvette was listed for sale, the seller provided a quick overview of the car, what has been done in terms of maintenance, what needs to be repaired and why it is being sold.

1993 Corvette Passenger Side Front

“I have a 1993 Corvette with a 6 speed manual for sale,” wrote the seller. “The car has approximately 120,000. The car has near brand new tires, rebuilt suspension. Starts every time, very reliable have driven it on many road trips never left me stranded, was meticulously maintained by the family who owned it before me and still is. The car does need a throw-out bearing, which is a pretty cheap part just don’t have the time to do it.”

“The motor runs great and the transmission has no pop outs or grinds. The car does need paint around the quarter panel and some interior pieces are missing. This ‘Vette also has the door panel issue but pretty easy fix. Overall the car is clean and needs a new home, selling because I am a student in school and just bought another car.

The car also is not perfect needs some things I can’t think of off the top of my head.”

Driving Concerns

The seller also mentions that this 1993 Corvette is registered on a California “non-op” title, meaning that it is not currently legal for use on public roads. That could be due to the throw-out bearing or it could have some unmentioned emission-related item that prevents it from being compliant with California’s strict laws.

1993 Corvette LT1 Engine

In any case, California legal issues aside, it sounds like the buyer could address the transmission issue, run through a thorough tune-up and enjoy the combination of 300 horsepower and 340 lb-ft of torque that the previous generation of the LT1 provides. With the car being listed at $3,300, a good tune-up and the transmission work should be inexpensive enough to keep you comfortably within a $5,000 budget.

1993 Corvette Rear

Sprucing It Up

It seems that it won’t take much for this C4 to be a great driver, but it definitely has its aesthetic issues. The most obvious is the paint, but if you have a little more to spend on this project, that is easily addressed. The majority of the car looks great in the pictures, but the area around the rear hatch has some fading in the paint. A full paint job would have this car looking like new, but if you have body-work ability, this could be an easy fix.

Finally, the interior looks like it is pretty clean for being 26 years old, but shy of the passenger’s door panel assembly being broken, everything looks good.

1993 Corvette Front

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