1996 C4 Chevrolet Corvette Collector’s Edition: Engine, Suspension, Transmission, and Styling

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Chevrolet issued a Collector’s Edition C4 Corvette in 1996 to commemorate the platform’s last year of production. Like the Chevy Corvette Grand Sport of that year, this special edition was produced in low numbers. Every Collector Edition (CE) C4 Vette was painted “Sebring Silver.” This color was similar to the 1963 Sting Ray and was used later on the C5. Very similar to the Grand Sport with comparable equipment, the CE had heavy-duty ZR1 brakes, ZR1-style, five-spoked, A mold wheels in the matching silver color, and special trim items. 

The Collector Edition Corvettes with the small block V-8 LT-1s (rated
at 300 horsepower) were matched with the standard automatic
transmission. The higher performance LT-4 engines, which produced 30
additional horsepower, were mated with the ZF six-speed manual
transmission. The CE convertible was limited to three interior colors:
black, red or white. The four sides of the CE sported special collector
flag insignias, which also appeared on the seat backs in the interior
of the car.

The last C4 Corvette was assembled on June 20, 1996.

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